Jan 19, 2011

up one bar

guess what i've been doing today? 
baking? yes. cake? absolutely.
but that's not the main point here. you forgot the most important thing...
think a bit harder.......

you have no idea at all? fine...i tell you what makes me so busy today. i.. was.. trying.. my.. hands.. on....... fondant! this is my first time and i was sooo excited. like a girlfriend of mine said,"it's like playing with play-doh!" so...totally true! 

i didn't realize that i was having so much fun kneading...rolling and rolling... >_< 
and i forgot to wrap the leftover in plastic wrap! uh-oh...blunder!  O_o *just a small ball, but still...a waste. not good...*

the cake may look simple, but i'm so proud of it *pat my shoulder ^_^* at last, i tackled this one too. still need more practice though. by the way, i use store bought fondant. so easy and no mess since i don't have the heart to make it from scratch. blend with some color, and bam! there you have it... ;-p 

and that moist chocolate cake is perfect pairing with the sweet fondant. i add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee in the flour mixture to add a little more richness in its taste. other that that, i followed the recipe exactly as it is.

can you see how moist and soft the cake was? i'm drooling all over again... >_<

this cake is about 9 inch in diameter, so i used a big chunk of the fondant and rolled it as thin as i could. using the rolling pin to lift the fondant and place it at the center of the cake then smoothing the surface. it's better to use a specific tool for this task, but i haven't got one so i just use my hands. hehehe...*noticed the slight indentation of my fingerprints there!*

for the stripes, i took another small chunk and dyed it with violet coloring. then rolled again as thin as i can get.  to get even width for the stripes, you should measure first and preferably cutting it with a pizza cutter so you you can get a nice straight line. as for me, i am too much impatient as i wanted to get the cake done as soon as possible so i skipped it. as a result, uneven width stripes plus a little crooked cutting line...oh well...it doesn't matter back then, but looking at the picture now... O_o

as for the center flower piece, i used lemon yellow food coloring to dye only small piece of fondant. then i divided it into smaller balls and flattened it with fingers and arranged them on the cake as you can in the photo. not very pretty...but it'll do for now. oh, i forgot to mention that before covering the cake with fondant, it is better to lathered up the cake with small layer of butter cream first as a glue. ;)

just in case you want to try making your own fondant at home, i found this website with step-by-step instructions to help you. though it's going to take some time, but i guess it will be worthwhile. here is the link


  1. Jai buat kek x tau, makan tau la...hu3

  2. tak per bro, nant soh org umah buat kan ^_^


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