Jan 8, 2011

stuck and packing up

i'm stuck in the house this morning. *help me!* we're supposed to go jogging, but it's raining outside.
'__' so we've skipped jogging one more day.  *sigh...*  i need to work out somehow. otherwise it'll be hard to start over. not to mention the cheesy stuffs i made this week, surely gonna stick if i ignore it! *uh-oh, not a chance amigo*

and since i have such a sweet tooth, i have to remind myself to work extra hard too. so that these sweet, chocolaty  goodness do not become best friends with my you-know-what @_@...urgh...pure torment!
all that aside, my other younger sister is busy cleaning up her things. making lists and what nots for her packing to college. yeap, another one. that means i'm the only one at home and sure gonna be lonely...

that reminds me, i have to make her some goodies to bring along. another sweet, lovely stuff? you bet! ;-)

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