Jan 16, 2011

tweet tweet : erm...tweet?

i'm so couldn't sleep right now. serve me right! how can i doze off while watching a football game? haha...yeap, because the game last night was bo...ring! oh well, lets just leave that alone. while i'm getting my foggy mind to work out right now, you just have to bear with me for a moment.

few days ago, a close friend of mine has been planting this idea in my head. what that is? well...it's the twittering twitter. i admit i am not very updated on whats-on and what-not. i have no idea whats buzzing around except from the tv news and the seldom read newspaper. but that doesn't matter though cuz i still get my feed through blogger blogs... ;)

by the way, have you ever thought where in the world the twitter got it's name? no idea?? very well...let me tell you something. i think i know from where they got it. i remembered when i was jogging awhile back, i heard this tweet tweet sound from a tiny little bird if i'm not mistaken called sparrow. the twitter might inspired from it i believe. and since the birds were twittering non-stop that day, the idea already stuck in my head! *this is just my imagination and i could get it all wrong*

anyway, thats not the point. what i meant to say is...little daisy's world is on twitter! ^__^ i'm so...proud of me! you see, it's not easy to commit. but i'll give it a try. hehehe...


  1. Ha3.. Kesian burung tweet tweet tu jadi mangsa kat sni..

    p/s : Cuba tanya twitter mna diorg dapat nama tu..

  2. citer katun masa kecik2 dulu ada burung tweet2 kan, yang kaler kuning tuh....dapat dari situ kut

  3. tweety bird!!!
    i did, i did taw a putty tat!!

  4. @ decrewz: bkn mangsa bro. ni memfemeskan scr x sengaja... yg lg satu tu...akan diusahakan ;)

    @ eelobor : ooo...tweety bird tuh! hm, blh jd jgk.hehehe, trlps pandang plak!

    @ aisyah : b4 dat, dia kater...i tot i taw a putty tat... ^_^


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