Sep 27, 2012

Pi or Pie

Hey folks!

Good to be back.. Now, who's in for a pie?

It was a to-die-for chocolate filled pie. So rich and fudgy it could be mistaken as brownie! But, encased with a crispy shell left no doubt what it actually was. Duh! I used a leftover (karipap) pastry shell for the pie, which results in a chewy crust at the bottom but crispy sides.

Each slice of pie was *need I remind you* very RICH and fulfilling. Thus I'm so recommending this pie for a chocolate party or if you need to fix a chocolate craving. Make no mistake though, by all means this pie is so full of calorie and addictive! A small slice per serving 'kay folks! *At least that way you can have two. Wink*
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