Jan 31, 2012

AJL 26 : You've Got to Be Kidding Me

I'm back!!!

Yes, and I am sorry for being absent from my own blog. I wasn't going anywhere. Still at the same place. But every time I tried to write something my head went numb and just like that, I click the close button. Feeling a little motivated today, I'd like to congratulate all the winners of Anugerah Juara Lagu 26 (AJL 26) which took place last Sunday night.

To fully enjoy the night, I prepared early for dinner. We had crusty Italian herbs rolls with creamy potato soup and tiramisu for dessert. The bread dough was prepared a day in advance and it was the easiest dough ever! And the tiramisu was made that Sunday morning. 

Jan 21, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 4: It's In The Layers

Given the enthusiasm of my sisters to take over the kitchen *not that I can keep them out of it*, so I just give them the freedom to explore as they want. This time, a trifle! 

Sweet and cool layered dessert of jelly, custard and soft cake; it was so good when you need something to cool off in the middle of a hot day... Have a sweet weekend! ^_^

Jan 15, 2012

Cookie Disaster: Part 2

There are some things that not all people can do. Some people are gifted with certain talents. While others are not-so-gifted. Like me. I just found out that detail works which requires extra attention and time are really not my forte. I was lousy at detailing. O_o

Remember the first icing cookies I made? Seriously, I envied those who can make the beautiful icing-decorated cookies. They all make it look so easy! I tried to be patient. Yeah, it lasted for at least ten cookies. Then I just, what-the-heck-it-just-cookies and let go of my control. Hence the terrible handiwork... 

Jan 9, 2012

The First to Celebrate

I was looking for a reason to bake some cupcakes last week. And just nicely, last Friday was one of my sisters' birthday. Too bad that her college break was only until 4th January. But she still gets her birthday cupcakes even though it was two days early. *I doubted that the cupcakes could last until the actual birthday!* ^_^

The cupcakes were family favorite. Just a simple chocolate cake. It was moist and delicious on its own. And even more so when filled with chocolate ganache. I wanted the cupcakes to be a bit festive for the occasion, though butter cream was totally out of question since she'll be carrying those all the way to college by train. The safest choice I managed was the ganache. Even that was not visible. Hopefully it gave a pleasant surprise to whomever she shared the cupcakes with. 

With the ganache filling, the cupcakes tasted like chocolate fudge cake. It got really rich after left overnight in the fridge... Just the thought of it already makes my mouth water!

The day was hotter than usual when I decided that a scoop of ice cream to go along with the cupcake was like a match made-in-heaven. It truly was, except for the ice cream melting too much quickly due to the hot weather. Not that it was unpleasant. The melted ice cream tasted like cold strawberry milk! Chocolate fudge cake plus cold strawberry milk equals to bliss... And constant craving of both after that!

Jan 2, 2012

I Wanna Go Home

The school will starting tomorrow. *You heard that right kids. School's break is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!* For some, they might have already started early on for the orientation day. 

Looking back at my first day in school (in standard one) and that was like a long time ago, most of the parents will stayed with their kids until the school day's over. Pretty much understandable. A new environment surely going to be alien for their child. More so if the kid haven't been to preschool. When the parents are with them, the adjustment could be more easier. 

Perhaps, it wasn't the parents easing the new kid into school. It could be the older siblings. Older brother or sister. Having an older sibling in the same school also helps the kid into liking the prospect of being in school. But not all kids can easily adjusting to a new surrounding. Some need a little more time. Either the parents or the teacher will have to be patient in coaxing the child to like being in school. Having new friends will also help. 

What if nothing works? The kid still clings to the parents, begging to go back home with them? In that case, make a batch of this dessert. I can't guarantee that it will keep the kid at school, but I like to think that a homemade ice cream ready for me after school is far better than anything! 

Jan 1, 2012

One One Twenty Twelve

Good morning folks!

It's 1.1.2012!!!

A brand new day, in a brand new year.

Have you got what you wished for the last year? Done ticking things off your TO-DO-LIST?

I bet you did...

Let us all hope for the best this year!

In everything that we do.

Enjoy this feel good clip and happy holiday!!! ^_^

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