Jan 29, 2011

Soccer Night : Piala Sumbangsih & AFC Asian Cup Final

Two matches tonight. Straight two games live on tv really makes my day! ^_^
The first match will be Selangor vs. Kelantan in Piala Sumbangsih at 8.30 pm . And the second match will be Japan vs. Australia in AFC Asian Cup at 11 pm. 
Which team is your favorite? Me?! Theres no secret...of course I hope Selangor will win, as for Kelantan team also has their secret weapon. Let just wait and see... 

What about Asian Cup, which team is more of your interest? Hmm, the match could be tough as both teams played well in their last games so it is kinda 50-50. But if you ask me, I'll pick Japan. Which team gonna snag the championship title will soon be revealed...Stay tune guys!

To all soccer fans, do your best to support your team! Pile up the snacks, drinks and wear your team's jersey... Okay, what else??

Uhh... I'll think of something later. While at it, guess I better get some junk food ready for munching during the matches. See ya later! 

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