Nov 29, 2011

Down On Luck

It's a wonder how a game could unite or divide people. We might have different views over everything. But when it comes to soccer, most Malaysian are collectively supportive of the national team. It's like a plague.

The team spirit is so contagious that even if you are not a fan, you'll still got sucked-in right into it. Too bad that the high spirit was not enough for the team to stay on top. The loss against Syria wasn't so overwhelming. Somehow, it was justifiable compared to the loss against Bahrain.

It was like watching a disaster where you're helpless to do anything about it. The bad moves were made one by one, and Bahrain was taking full advantage of it. They scored three goals within few minutes interval when the game was less than 15 minutes left. It was so devastating to watch after that. But I had to give two thumbs up for Ultras Malaya - the national cheerleaders - for staying put until the end. They are truly the supporters the team needs.

Despite the defeated feeling the team and fans felt - me included - I've got something to lessen the ache. The cake was baked in hope to be eaten in a celebratory mood. Nonetheless, it works in soothing the sour mood... T_T

Nov 23, 2011

Ain't No Harmless Cubs

It's midnight post again. With Gavin Rossdale on my playlist, still trying to figure out how may I sketch the layout of this post. I pretty much used up on the ideas and now I was left without words worth reading *is it?*. 

Talking about Harimau Muda could be relevant right now since they just won the final match against Indonesia in the 26th SEA GAMES 2011 held in Bung Karno Stadium last night. It was a match to be remembered alright.

Nov 20, 2011

Don't Go Green On Me!

Herbs are not just essential for adding flavor into food but also given their medicinal properties are good for our body too. For that, I've been trying to include more herbs into everything I made these days. 

Starting the campaign, I tried a pretty simple pesto recipe from Simply Recipes. It used the least favorite herb in our home. So I wanted see how this will fare with the picky-eater in the house. Can they handle it? 

Nov 15, 2011

Nov 14, 2011

Experiment In Progress

Out of boredom, I baked a sponge cake without using eggs. 

Nov 6, 2011

Simple Feast

Salam 'Aidil Adha to all Muslims!

It feels so good to be back. ^_^ Seems like ages ago since the last post!

So, how do we spent the day off?!

Let see...

 We had Mee Jawa (Javanese Noodle) for breakfast and lunch:

Acik tried to concentrate on doing her Math assignment between Facebooking, chatting and Googling:

Shin-kun having a personal time sun bathing on the balcony:

And my dad was totally fixed on telemovie Qurban Tak Jadi:

Having said that, the fever was taking turn on everybody in the house and lucky for me I'm all better. Alhamdulillah... ^_^  Does the Mee Jawa above made you salivate? If so, lets get to the recipe!

Nov 3, 2011

When It's Raining

I was blown away by the song. Enough said. Be back soon... *Cough. Sneeze* 
Urgh...excuse me. ~__~
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