Jun 16, 2012

Hazy Day

Good morning, rise and shine everyone! Though we can barely see the sunshine this morning, it doesn't mean we can stay in bed all day. 

It's been in the news. We had a bad case of haze in Bangi. So folks, it's better to stay inside. Due to the hot weather, best to drink a lot of water and please refrain from being out in direct sunlight if you have no business to do so. Another thing, you might want to stock up on premix Lai Chi Kang. This drink contains ingredients that help cooling off high body temperature. Or if you have no access to it, barley drink will do the trick. 

Now, you'll probably have eaten your breakfast. If it not being the case, you might want to try this out. It will brighten your day somehow... ^_^

Jun 11, 2012

The Brownie Point

Morning folks!

I believe all soccer fans have caught the EURO 2012 fever by now. The kick-off started on 8 June 2012 with the first match between Poland and Greece (1-1). Being a true fan means that you're able to sacrifice your sleep (it's 12 a.m and 2.45 a.m in Malaysia during the live telecasts) just to watch your favorite team. Well, I've tried. And...failed. I only watched the early 15 minutes then drifted off to sleep until the end of the game. 

So forget about the tactical part of the game. And focus on the sideline for a moment shall we?

I just noticed that it's imperative to have munchies while watching these soccer games. The main reason I believe that it MUST be something to munch on is that the snacks will keep us awake during the not-so intriguing moments. There are so many munchies available : Chips. Chicken wings. Late night pizza. Pretzel bites. Salted nuts. Roasted nuts...  So what's your favorite? Or perhaps something more decadent like this?

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