Jun 24, 2011

C Is For Celebration!

So what's the occasion???

As if you didn't already know... ^_^ 

We ARE celebrating Malaysia Team a.k.a Harimau Malaya going into the third round! 
Heck yeah!!! We won by aggregate 2-1 against Lebanon last night... *smiling so hard my face hurt!*

Jun 17, 2011

On Edge

Get. The. Cam. Out. Of. My. FACE !

That's what Shin would've said every time I tried to get a picture of him.

Annoyed Shin! Haha

Go away! I'm trying to sleep...

*Sleepy head* Sigh... ^_^

Jun 15, 2011

First Baked

I love morning

Always look forward for breakfast...

Jun 13, 2011

The Art of Alfredo

Any type of pasta in a white, cheesy, creamy sauce is forever the comfort food. Known all over the globe as alfredo sauce, the taste is widely varied. There are so many version of alfredo sauce out there, each one has been improvised by the cooks to suit their palates. 

Jun 11, 2011

Action-Packed Game

Gotta say that tonight's game (FA Cup 2011 final) between Kelantan and Terengganu is pretty interesting. Since I am Selangor Team's fan, I won't be taking sides. There are lots of tackling going around. One of Terengganu's player already been given a yellow card. And it's only half hour of the game! I bet there's more to come for the rest of the game...

All About The Firsts

Movie night!

Life as We Know It [Blu-ray]My choice of movies usually are romantic comedies. We can always predict the ending by the title alone. Well... mostly. The story won't be too complicated to understand. And you could guessed from the start whose gonna end up with whom at the end *if there're many characters*. 

And I've watched one last night. It was long overdue anyway. Both my sisters have watched it months ago. I was the only one left behind. I was thinking that it has becoming a habit of me to shove new movies beneath the hundred others *rolled eyes* that haven't yet been watch. 

Sort of to ferment it a bit. So when I'm in the mood to watch the movie, it'll be better. *What kind of analogy is THIS???!* 

Jun 10, 2011

Life's Too Short : Rest In Peace

Remember about the new pet, a couple of tortoise that my sister bought a few weeks ago? The new friends that our Shin-kun loves to play so much. Merah and Putih.

Sadly to say, they are both dead...

Jun 6, 2011

When Chocolate Meets Cheese

Thinking about chocolate so early in the morning is okay. Just thinking about it will not add any calorie to your body. But thinking about chocolate this early, and at the same time you have two plates full of chocolate cake hiding in the fridge...Well, it's going to be heck of a hard time restraining yourself.  

Jun 2, 2011

Dance Moves: Soup to Recover

Watching the hottest dance show on 8TV *Showdown 2011, what else?!* could make you go hungry. As if your energy was spent along with the dancers on stage. The show has some very promising dance crews with their own style of choreography. 

My favorite crews *notice the plural...^_^*, have to be the two strongest crews in the show. HMC Phlow and Elecoldxhot

See them move... 

Jun 1, 2011

Pasta: In Korean

PASTA KOREAN DRAMA 8 DVDs w/English Subtitles
Another late night post...

No need to wonder why I was still up at this hour. I don't want to know myself. As I typed away these words, I was listening to an entire OST of my favorite Korean drama. 

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