Oct 15, 2012

A Slice of Wonder

Hi there everyone!

Seems like my posting has been very far and between. Life happens. So to make sure your visits here are worthwhile, I'll try to post something that will stimulate your senses... ^__^

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. - Ernestine Ulmer

Who can argue with that. We may not always have dessert around; while we have the opportunity, why not? In line with the quote, I did this.

A simple sponge cake can has it's BIG MOMENT when we use it to make this dessert. How I wish I can share it online right now...*sigh* The sponge was a perfect canvas. The slight tartness of cranberries over it complementing the sweetened cream cheese whipped cream topping. The real pleasure here is to have a slice of this chilled cake on a particular hot day like today... Bliss!

Oct 1, 2012

Hard Learn Lessons

Morning folks!

As much as I love the calmness in my home nowadays, I started to miss bickering with my little brother. *yes, we still acted like children at home* It has been almost two weeks now since he gone away for college at the northern part of the country. So very far from home actually. 

But since he's the one insisted on going there in the first place, all his complaints about the lack of everything fell on deaf ears. "Man up." was the gist of what my dad said to him during their conversation over the phone when he called to check up on this little brother of mine. Though I felt sorry for him, I guess it's about time he learns to not take everything for granted. 

That aside, I'm not sorry to make these pancakes at all! 

Truly hit the jackpot when I made them during one evening when I had the crave for red bean steam buns but lacking the enthusiasm to make them. The blend of crispiness, sweetness and chewiness of the pancakes really blown me away. *I'm such a sucker for red bean everything! wink*  

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