Feb 21, 2012

5 Rencah 5 Rasa : Will The Bunny Approve?

Both my dad and brother can't stand any vegetable in a cake. Particularly carrot. Thus the abhorring look on their face when I said I was going to make a carrot cake was priceless! ^__^

The cake was practically easy to make, even if you don't have an electric mixer you can always do it by hand. And the cake itself was purely simple in taste that just perfect if you're having tea with a company or two. 

It was moist with fine crumbs though a little greasy for my liking. Just sweet enough without making you cringe of it's sweetness. If you like a traditional and uncomplicated taste of a cake, you could try this one.

Feb 7, 2012

No Holding Back!

We are going ice cream crazy in the house! They said that THIS is the best ever. Better than the others I've made. I've got to agree. It was far creamier and smoother in texture. And thanks to the 'secret ingredient', we might as well have a new FAVORITE! 

Ice cream anyone? ^_^

Feb 5, 2012

The Best Example

Something that can inspire us all... 

Source: YouTube

Feb 3, 2012

Never Enough : Dessert Confession

I was never a fan. Before.

I've already established that my love is solely for chocolate. Given that I ate this cake only once in a while, I can't say that this is the ultimate tiramisu. Though me and my sisters thought the taste's almost quite the same as the one that we've had from a local bakery... ;)  

And guess what, making such a delectable dessert on your own does has it's own merit. Surely from now on, the delicate dessert is going to be one of my favorites! 

Feb 1, 2012

Full of Starch

Following the previous post, I've mentioned the superb crusty dinner rolls that we've had on the AJL 26 night. Warm from the oven, the crispy crust and and chewy inside made perfect for soaking up broth or soup *goes so well with potato soup!*. I even dip the rolls alone in tomato sauce! Wickedly good!! ^__^

The dough doesn't need to be knead. Can't believe that right? Me too. I was a bit skeptical with this no-knead bread thing. But the oh-so-good picture from this foodie blog encouraged me. Since the only step was mixing all the ingredients then leave it to rise, why not give it a try? This bread is FOOL-PROOF! You won't be disappointed. ;)

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