Dec 14, 2010

It Takes Two

You've already known my obsession of bread. now, it's another revelation. I'm a huge cookie monster. Whenever there's a good home baked cookies stashed somewhere in the cupboard, it's hard not to get more of it whilst I have already downed like three pieces of it. mind you, it is NOT mini size cookies. And I'm not the only cookie monster at home. While it's already hard to get my hands from diving into the cookie jar, defending it from my little brother and sisters are even harder. 

Just look, how can we resist the temptation of chocolate chip cookies loaded with of course chocolate chips and nuts? And how can we stay away from chewy oatmeal cookies studded with lots of chocolate and raisins? Even saying the names can cause a craving! much more when you know it's tucked nice and pretty somewhere in the house.@_@ It is mind boggling...

See the difference between the two cookies? As i typed this, my mind already process the texture, the taste...And ahhh, the smell people! Heavens... I.Want.One.Right.Now.

When you can't refrain yourself of these sugary treats, it is mandatory to work off all the excess calories by exercise regularly. Good thing is we all love sweating ourselves, walking in the morning together... It's our family routine. Enjoying the cool morning walk, soothing morning breeze and of course the scenery! ;-)


  1. do you mind sharing the recipe for these crispy cookies? i found your blog via the dessertstalking website and would love to make these!

  2. hi kayla,
    thanks for stopping by.i've already update the post with links for those cookies. enjoy them! ^_^


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