Dec 29, 2010

sweet victory

winner at last...

i got headache watching the final second leg aff suzuki cup, so intense it was. the game start off with indonesia aggressively attacking malaysia's goal. and thanks to our superb goalie, and our defensive line, most of the attempts were blocked. it was during the second half of the game that brings about the desperation of both sides. more intensely aggressive moves were made while malaysia plays more on defensive. even that, safee sali manage to put in the first goal in the game! a very beautiful one at that! to tell the truth, i could hear people screaming excitedly from my apartment at the very moment...*i'm not complaining, mind you*.

but that was short lived after indonesia managed to kick in their first goal. and... the second one unintentionally by malaysia's player after his attempt to block the ball but it got through instead...that was a few minutes before the final whistle blew off. 

in the end, we managed to defend our goal from further attempt to goal and won the game by aggregate! hip hip hooray!! hip hip hooray!! thanks to our players for the good game they played and the focus they gave besides all the psychological attacks made on them. real professional!!! ;-)


  1. jeles!!!!!
    i cant watch it...sob sob....
    smalam kena stay up wat presentation utk hari ni...alhamdulillah the presentation was going well...hahaha...act. nt so well...=P

  2. lor....sian nyer x leh tgk! luper lak nk ltk link kat cni.klau tak leh tgk online...takper, kje skolah lg penting...hehehe ;-P


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