Dec 8, 2010

self indulgent

today is the longest day ever i've been on feet, shopping with my sisters. i can't believe i even manage that! from 10 a.m till 4.00 p.m. fuhhh...really, believe me. usually, i'll be dead by the 2nd hour. thankfully for my lovely sisters, they managed to drag me all over the mall without me looking like a zombie. maybe because we stopped three times to fill our tank! and that was something.  

when we're done and ready to go back, it's already raining so hard it was really cold. gratefully, we don't have to wait long for the train to arrive or i'll turn into ice-mannequin. yeah...yeah...that was overly exaggerated compared to snowy places. but hey, i'm all skin and bones. its hard for me to generate my own heat in the cold weather...

anyway, the trip back home went smoothly. the train used to get stuck during hard rain. gratefully not today. i'm totally beat now. sweet dream ^_^

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