Dec 25, 2010

playing with colors

these cupcakes reminds me of the colors of paddle pop ice cream. i love them since a child and still love them! =P i said i want to practice frosting before, so here i was playing with butter cream and food coloring, trying to create a rosette...took a lot of concentration! the result was not exceptionally pleasant, but i think i made some improvement. *pat myself on the back* ^_^ 

since i've been working hard on them, i might as well showing them off. we go!

announcer : it's show time! the beauties are ready for the runway now, so hold your breath...and music, start!

okay, these aren't rosette but they are cute i just have to put them on the line too!

that's all folks! till the next runway show! ;-)


  1. moreeeeee practice and work on the icing consistency.
    make sure the icing looks smooth and no more of the pecah-pecah air dan minyak. (faham x? ke x?)

    i loveeeeee the pink n blue rossete!
    come on F, u can do it!

  2. T_T waaa...thanks for the support A!
    i get what u mean. ok2,praktis2!! come!
    i love that one u mentioned too. syg nk mkn...=D

  3. lupa nk makan cupcake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dun worry...i'll think of u when i finish them off! hahahaha

  5. I love that your cupcakes had a runway show! Too cute. The rosettes are so bright and fun!

  6. ^_^ Thanks Quyen! It's kind of like spur-of-the-moment kinda thing. Makes baking a lot more fun. And the rosettes were experimental, I was excited it turned out like that!


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