Dec 21, 2010

when thunder strikes

it was shocking when you heard terrible things that happened all around us. i understand that all things did happen for a reason, but sometimes it can be avoided. you know what i'm saying? like the accident of a double-decker bus at comeron highland yesterday. it was a very gruesome accident. the worst they said. o_o 

the thing that bug me is, how come they can even think of allowing people boarding a double-decker bus *for god sake* mounting the cameron highland much less getting down? with all the curvy corners and turns? a very risky route for most vehicles, more so for a bus! but the operating word here is highland people. shouldn't they opted for more grounded vehicle instead? just think about it.

more or less, things should have not stay this way. they ought to do something about it. just feeling sorry won't make a difference.

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