Jan 2, 2011

energy booster

we malaysian love tau fu fa (tou foo fa). it is a very common hawker food that you can get almost anywhere here in malaysia. it needs only a few ingredients to produce soft, silky, pudding like texture that immediately melts in your mouth. hmm...yummy isn't it?

i haven't try making this at home yet. i suppose this could be easy *or is it not? hehe* either way, i just love it. this morning, i bought one small bowl from a morning market right in front of the lake i frequently jogged with my family. the tau fu fa can be serve hot or cold. it depends on your preference and with two options of sugar syrup. clear sugar syrup or the brown syrup*i guess this is made using gula melaka*.  i prefer the brown syrup more because of the color contrast with the white tau fu fa itself! 

and if you'd like to try making the tau fu fa yourself, try visiting these websites which feature the recipe and how-to step by step.

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