Jan 30, 2011

Win Some, Lose Some

Alright...lets face it. Not everything we wished for will come true. The same goes for last night games. We win some and lose some... 
I was hoping that Selangor will win the Piala Sumbangsih last night. Unfortunately, the team was beaten up by Kelantan with 2 goals and all my hopes flied out of the window. Plus, I fell asleep in the midst of the game and only woken up by the time it was over...

Slightly disheartened by the defeat, I was still anticipating the Asian Cup final match. Instead, like adding salt to the wound... the game between Japan vs Australia was a delayed telecast instead of live as scheduled in the newspaper. What the....So frustrated I was! 

I felt so sleepy but I wanted to watch the game. And I hate delayed telecast! Seriously, it's like walking into a surprise party but you already knew about it so there's no surprise anymore. Again...I dozed off during the games.  Luckily I managed to open my eyes for the final moment of the game, right before Japan scored the only goal for the night! 

So it was 1-0 between Japan and Australia. *Not that I didn't know beforehand. Just wanted to see it with my own eyes...:p* And I got to sleep soundly afterwards... ^_^ Okay, I felt better after venting my frustration here. The world feels a lot more appealing now. Hehehe...


  1. Adat permainan mesti ada menang dan kalah.. Yang menang mesti teruskan lagi usaha, yang kalah jadikan ianya satu pengalaman yang cukup berharga kerana kekalahanlah akan membawa lebih kepada kejayaan akan datang.. "Orang yang menang ialah orang yang dapat menerima kekalahannya dengan seikhlas hati.."

  2. @ decrewz : mmg btul...too many loose ends. team selangor tak brape confident main smlm...they need to work harder this season for sure.


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