Jan 23, 2011

love is in the air

have you ever heard the song with that line? i'm not sure who sang it but that words are the very thing that describes my best friend's, Z, wedding yesterday.

to tell the truth, it starts of a little bit awkwardly. i mean, the person whose giving the 'talk' before the akad nikah keeps coming up with jokes that we barely understand. *or maybe it's just me*  i guess he just wanted to lighten up the mood since the bridegroom looks nervous and all. and my friend, Z, she's glowing!  i can tell that she's nervous as her hands as cold as ice... hehehe. but it's not obvious, cause her smile never falters...^_^ 

the strained atmosphere in the mosque where the akad nikah was held cleared up immediately right after the groom said the vow. that's when the camera lights started flickering non-stop. of course everybody wants to have their picture with the freshly made man and wife! me included! :-P

then we all went back to Z house for a little reception. and more pictures... i got a killer headache by the time i went home. but it was worth it. i wouldn't missed it for anything. anyone can see that the newly wed is deeply in love and my pray goes to them. i hope they'll stay together through ups and downs that they will face in the future. beautiful wedding my friend... beautiful wedding... :)

lovely snapshots   ^_^

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