Jan 22, 2011

counting hours : new life

my bestie from highschool is getting married tomorrow. 

courtesy of graur codrin

our friendship started when i was transfered to her school in form one. she was the first person who talks to me. *i have to admit that i'm not a friendly person back then. i always had this new kid on the block attitude (stuck-up kinda girl) which annoyed me when i think about it right now* she's a talkative girl with so many questions. asked me this and that. thankfully that stupid act of mine didn't drive her away.huhuhu... ^_^

we have our ups and downs. throughout the years, we sometimes drifted apart from each other. but somehow, we manage to stay in touch and shared our bits and pieces in life. i guess, thats how we cope with growing up. 

best friends doesn't mean that you have to be together all the time. i think it's enough when they are around when you need them the most. and lucky me, i'm blessed with these lovely ladies as my best friends. *you know who you are girlfriends!*

i should get some sleep now if i don't want to look like a panda at the wedding. 

though i'm not that sleepy...
uh well...i think i better hit the bed now. 


  1. Congratulations to your friend! A wedding is a magical event; I hope you all have a wonderful time!

  2. ^_^ thanks 4 stopping by julie. the wedding's as beautiful as the bride n groom...*sigh*


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