Jan 11, 2011

life on the highway : part 2

tomorrow. we all gonna hit the highway again...and guess where we'll be heading? aha...thats right! it is the south. again...though it's not going to be as far down the south as before, but still...south. hahaha...it's not that funny, just  that i'm sure gonna be lonely as both my sidekicks are away from home. *we'll never know what life's gonna bring us...^_^ *

T_T well, i gotta start getting use to it from now onwards...*you read this sisters! be sure you girls being extra nice to me when you're back home* that aside, i'm looking forward to it already. it's been a long time since we went to malacca *yeap, that's where we're going*. heard the foods are delicious and it's famous for their numerous eatery specialized in grilled fish. *i'm hoping that we could stop at one and try some!!*

i better go to sleep now. my eyes can't barely open themselves..zzzz

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