Jan 4, 2011

5 rencah 5 rasa: delicious food or chef?

there's a new season for a cooking show that i like starts airing today. it's totally awesome! ^_^ 
here's the reasons why i love 5 rencah 5 rasa 2011 hosted by sherson lian:

  1. easy recipe to follow, minimal ingredients with surprising outcome
  2. talkative and witty chef *makes the show interesting and not boring*
  3. love the tricks he did with the tools *charming...*
  4. the show is kind of like Jamie oliver's *which i love...*
  5. he looks sharper now
  6. he's cute *okay, this is definitely a bonus*
  7. he's so comfortable around the kitchen *obviously...he's a chef...duh me...*


  1. I agreed with your opinion. Easy recipes to follow and fast to cook.
    Though I used to miss the first half of the show. Betty

  2. hi betty,
    you can still watch the previous show online at http://www.tonton.com.my/ you need to register though to watch it.


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