Oct 25, 2011

Dear Coffee Lovers

We don't just drink coffee. We eat the coffee too. 

Anyone who's partial to Roti Boy would love these buns immensely like us! You can smell the coffee from afar, I assure you of that. Reminds me of the old times *oh my!* when I was still a student, having no-care of the world. Whenever I came up to KLCC and stepped on the escalator from the LRT, my senses was bombarded with this smell! 

Coffee... I could say that I became addicted after the first taste. Truly, what an experience having sink your teeth in a soft, fluffy, chewy and warm *if not hot* bun and immediately tasted the saltiness of melted butter inside... One of the smell that could evoked one senses and memories, this was it!

Another bun that has quite similar taste to Roti Boy is Mexican bun. The inclusion of coffee in the topping is a MUST! 

There are quite a few variations on making the buns. A lot of other recipes use bread improver. But I always take the easy way out. It's troublesome going out just to buy one tiny thing while you want to make it right away. So I settled on a recipe from Aunty Yochana's.  While devoid of the bread improver, used a lot more yeast. 

Being a coffee maniac that I am, I added one sachet (25 g) of 2 in 1 white coffee mix (coffee + creamer) into the dough. The end result, we got a hint of coffee bitterness in the buns. The buns also came out coffee colored. Not a bad thing, and my mouth watered even while the buns still in baking process! 


The lighting was crappy. Sorry about that! It was raining that day. Nevertheless, the buns were PERFECT!  


Bon Appetit!


  1. wah..pandai buat roti mcm roti boy..dulu selalu mkn roti ni tapi sekarang dah lama tak makan..

  2. biasa-biasa jer faiz... nak beli kedai nye jauh sgt. pastu tak boleh stakat satu jer. baik la buat sendiri. ^_^

  3. wahh dh lame tak mkn, klu terbau tu.. aduiii.. tergoda..

    sy adalah slh seorg penggemar tegar coffee.. hehe

  4. penggemar tegar coffee? hahaha...sama lah kita! hi-five! ;)

  5. weh!!! suka giler roti boy! ohmygawddd LAPAR!!

  6. @LilyNrman: roti boy, makan panas-panas time hujan...uhh sedapnye! ^_^


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