Oct 26, 2011

From Paperback to Silver Screen


Wanna watch some old movies with me? Grab your pop corn and be here again after 15 minutes! ;)

These are couple of my favorite movies with a good story line and pretty good characters. They were adaptation from novels. I haven't read any of the books though. So I can't exactly compare them to their printed twins. Nevertheless, just enjoy the movies!

Marley and Me (Single-Disc Edition)

Marley and Me : One of the best I should say. I really recommend both the book and the movie. The story starts of very cute and delightful. Telling the story of this cute dog named Marley. Well, as they said... Looks can be deceiving. Cute as he was, his antics were the worst! He couldn't be trained and chewed on everything. I can't imagine how they coped up with him. He sure was a handful one. Still, towards the end of the movie was very emotional to me. I can totally relate with their feeling when Marley was sick and everything...And I bet those who has adopted a pet will agree with me. If you haven't seen the movie yet, and you're suckers for cute animals and anything pet-related... then this movie is for you!

Catch Me If You Can (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

Catch Me If You Can : An engaging story of a man that was raised to became a fraud by his own father. The film was based on an autobiography of the man himself, Frank W. Abgnale. It started of on how it all happened, and what became of him later. The movie was fast-paced; starred by the young *at the time* Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank, and Tom Hanks as The Cop, it was seriously worth watching! With the cat-and-mouse turn of events, you'll gonna love every seconds of it. 

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