Aug 31, 2011

Rendang Calls

Salam Eid Al-Fitr to all Muslims!!! ^_^

To begin with, I'm sorry for not updating much during the fasting month. No, I was not swamped with works or anything. It's just that I felt like I was instantly turned into 'vacation-mode'. So the mood for blogging kind of like turned off. 

I'm tempted to detail out our journey for raya. But to tell the truth, we (me and my dear sisters) were up so late cooking rendang on raya night that we all passed out after Zuhur. I guess there wasn't much to tell. And if it wasn't for the call from our Pak Teh from kampung, I'm sure we'll slept through until evening. And wasted our first raya sleeping! Thank God for the call... 

Aug 17, 2011

Greatness of Allah

The video above was taken from the last part of series of videos I put below. I can't help but sharing the videos as I was very touched by his story. Glad to say that I am so fortunate being born a Muslim, that I didn't have to go through all those confusions that he faced.

Aug 14, 2011

Shopping In Me

I guess it's rude to put food on display this early in the morning. And it was merely two hours after sahur. So, no. Food is not the topic. If it was any other day, we'll be going for a jog right now. Since we are fasting, the exercise are put on hold. It's not that we can't be exercising during this fasting month. Just that the need to replenish ourselves afterward that seems to be a problem. ^__^ 

We have at least another half month to go through our fasting before celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. It was evident everywhere that shops, boutiques and shopping complexes are having put up their banners *SALE 50 - 70 %* to attract customers. I don't know why, but I felt that my interest isn't pique by whats on display *too much ugliness if you ask me*. 

Aug 10, 2011

All About Desserts

For today, it will be only about desserts. It's common to see various type of desserts being sold at bazaar Ramadhan during this fasting month. We used to buy these sweet treats before whenever our dad brought us to the bazaar. Now that we're all grown up, the temptation to taste each and every colorful dessert that we saw along the way is still there but somehow curbed.

Aug 8, 2011

Ain't She Sweet?

What you give, you get back - Anonymous

Ain't She Sweet?Human nature dictates that there's always a good and a bad sides in a person. Sometimes, it's hard to differentiate between a good and a bad one. Because not everyone we've known are wearing their true colors. So that's where our instincts are needed. We could feel who's sincerely being nice to us and who's sugarcoating their words to hide their bad intentions to us *although we could always have a mixed feeling about this every time*. 

But don't worry too much about that okay. Actually, I've read a book that makes me thinking about that. I love the way the story goes. The way it's story line enfolded was brilliant. The scenarios linking the pasts and presents. You also get to see a nice bantering between the female and male lead characters. Their conversations were full of sarcasm and I've got to admit that it was hilarious sometimes. 

Aug 3, 2011

Kitchen Invaders 2 : The Baking Part

Today is our third day of Ramadhan. We've been blessed with lots of food. As a matter of fact, our fridge is overloaded! That's what fasting do to our fridge. Kept it full for just... slightly longer than normal. It isn't past noon yet and I'm already thinking about food *Damn! Oopps... :p * Well, it's hard not thinking about food when you're fasting. Just keep it to minimum okay? *Note to self!* 

While we are at the subject, I'd like to share this story of my sisters during one evening. 
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