Jul 5, 2010

all about shin-kun

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Jul 4, 2010

soccer and everything else

here i am writing this post right after watching Argentina being squished by Germany 0-4. yeap, unbelievable isn't it. gotta believe it. i was not siding any of the teams, but seriously...four to nil??! hello, we are talking about Argentina here...that was the worst game ever for them. no offence Argentina fans.. =P

anyway, enough on the soccer recap. since it has been a long, long time since my last post, today i'm gonna pour it all (aha, not likely). 

i realized that i was in some kind of vacuum-emotional-state lately (if that was possible), that i was ignoring all things with emotions around me. sounds crazy...i.know. the thing is, i was viewing myself from a third person's perspective which made me analyzed a few things that i overlooked before. well, i'm not going to discuss those things here...so you can keep on reading. 

there were a few baked things i made but i'm too engrossed with myself i kind of forgot to process (meaning touch-up) the pictures. some cookies, a few breads... i'll be putting up those later when the mood strikes me. for now, i'm content to leave you with this link that i stumble upon accidentally. this site will blow your mind. good or bad, you decide. till then...i'm out.
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