Dec 1, 2011

Hand-Fed Little Prince

However you look at it, you couldn't miss that we've over indulged this spoiled little prince. 
My dad insisted that the term HANDSOME is more appropriate for him rather than cute. 
Not going to argue, at times the handsomeness was there. 
But most of the time, Shin is just plain cute! 



  1. err.. sy suka kucing tp takut.. hehe..

    ps: sy Jue, sy dh delete blog lama, jemput msk blog baru sy ye daisy :)

  2. oh, jue ker... ^_^ TQ inform.

    kalau jue nak tahu, kucing suka dgn org yg takut dia. sbb org tu takder nak peluk2 dia kalau nampak.. ;)


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