Dec 4, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 7: Going Traditional

Morning folks!

School holiday already started and no doubt about it for those who didn't know. The level of cheeriness  that has increased splendidly was a dead give away. What else could kids do to embrace their short lived and fleeting freedom from school works except running around shouting their joy right? Was it not how I acted once? 

Let just say that I kinda miss my childhood and what I used to eat back then. To rectify the problem, all I need to do was asking the right person to fulfill simple request on short notice. Who else if not my dear sister! So, after a couple of hours here it is... The perfect, peel-off layers of kuih lapis

Yeah, you read that right. In my book, kuih lapis is not perfect unless the layers could be peeled off one by one. And guess what? That's how we ate it for tea. Sticky fingers and all, but that was the true joy. Say, who want a piece?
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