Nov 14, 2012

Tea Time: Sweet and Savory Pancakes

These pancakes has became our favorite munchies during tea time. This time we made two fillings; the usual red bean and chopped scallions. 

Nov 13, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 6: The Rolling Part


Oh my, the blog was covered with cobwebs already! Those who have visited probably has to dodge through the sticky webs. Sorry folks, my bad...

So today I am with yet another adventure of my sisters. We are trying our hands on making the  famous Japanese food, SUSHI. Oh yeah, you read that right. For first timers, we kind of doing okay. A little bit of sticky business but the result were quite good though. The handling need to be improve more I think since certain slices looks crumbly. Not enough pressure while rolling maybe?

It  started with my sister bought a sushi-making kit and brought it home for us to get our hands on it. The kit comes in complete package of a bamboo rolling mat, a pack of seaweed, a tube of wasabi, a bottle each of soy sauce and vinegar. Good enough for a starter kit don't you think? The thing was, she and her housemates each bought a kit to bring home for the short break! I guess they'll be making a lot of sushi in the future. 

I have to say, after so many of how-to-make-sushi videos we've watched on you tube finally we got to try it ourselves. One more thing to cross from our too long what-should-we-make list! The simple ingredients wouldn't hurt either. Only half of a cucumber, one omelette, a few nuggets and mayonnaise. 
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