Oct 26, 2010

bread lovers alert!


savory or sweet?
either one, i don't mind ;)

need i say more? 
uhuh?? ^_^ 
maybe i'll just show you.

top picture : dinner rolls glazed with garlic and parsley
bottom picture : sweet raisins and chocolate chips rolls

if i have my way, i'll bake these everyday!
if only i have my way... (wishful thinking) `~__~

Oct 8, 2010

tragic story...(if you're an apple that is)

ook, here goes. 

i made these very filling cinnamon apple muffin a few days back. 
i saw the apples lying around, happy as they are... so, i decided to chopped them up and make something yummy from them. >:-D 
of course they're not in agreeable mode, but i just ignored them. 

i chop, chop, chop...whisk, whisk, whisk...and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. then, into the oven they went. 
right after 22 minutes, ding, ding! finally... yumminess from my oven! 
cinnamon, apples, and nuts. who says 3 can't tango together??! 
^_^ bon appetit! 

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