Feb 15, 2011

Purr-fect Start

I feel obligated to start the day with Shin-kun's story. He's so active this morning running around the house excitedly, playing with his toy. ^__^ And of course we are charmed by his antics...No doubt about that. As for right now, he's already retiring to his favorite spot for a nap. 

He could be tiresome sometimes, and has a sensitive stomach. Very alert and has an endless curiosity. Even a little piece of scrap paper could tempt him!


  1. COmeynya.. Umah bujang kat KL xleh nak bela..hu3

  2. @ queen aida: give me 5! ^__^ cannot imagine not in love with cats!!

    @ decrewz: bro, comey nyer kdg2 jer. biasanyer dia ni hensem! hahaha...nk bela kene wat persediaan mental n fizikal cukup2... :P

  3. ^_^ dia lap lantai tiap2 ari....mane tak itam cik oii

  4. adik yg takot dgn kak amal nye.
    naughty adik naughty!

  5. erk! kak amal dtg!!!! lari....... x_x


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