Feb 5, 2011

Not A Horse

I just had dinner. A very simple one too. ^_^ The meal usually cooked for one person. But having many family members like mine, combine all is better and faster. Can you guess what's for dinner tonight???  

It was Maggi curry! Yeap, I think this week has been my laziest week ever. I've been too lazy to do anything meticulous. How do you suppose to go wrong with instant noodle? Never, right? So, did you get the answer right? Or far from it? Oh well, never mind though. There won't be any prize for correct answer too. Hehe...

Sorry if I'm a bit out-of-it. I had a stiff-neck right now. Probably I did the stretching wrong this morning. Just have to bare with it! Urgh...Saying that, I've googled for stiff-neck and click on the first article in view. Glancing through the article, I was shocked reading the first point it stated on how-to-treat-stiff-neck. It's GET.A.NEW.BODY. 

Hahaha...I was like, what the...??? So of course I had to read more. And what a relief...It doesn't mean that you have to get another person's body to replace your body! *This is SOO LIKE ME. I'm being too imaginative as well as too literal!  ;p * It's just that you have to do some physical exercise so you can have a better body posture which reduce the likeliness having a stiff-neck. Is that so...hmmm. If you want to read more on the article, proceed here. ^_^   

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