Feb 20, 2011

One for The Book : Czech's Bread

I was browsing through the net yesterday and came across another bread recipe. The picture itself was good enough to did me in. The fact that the recipe is using one particular herb I've never use before in bread making makes it more tempting to try on. And since I got everything on hand, it took me only half an hour to prepare the dough. 

The steps are quite easy, as making any other bread. Despite that, I thought the dough was a bit hard. Hmm, I guess the mistake was on my part since the recipe was in Czech and the translation was not that completely in English. But I still did it anyway, and the result was...

A good smelling house that lasted for hours...Nicely golden crunchy crust...And surprisingly, the inside was fluffy! Not bad huh?! 

You can find the recipe of this particular Czech's Bread with Caraway Seed from evatoneva.com 
Use Google translate to translate the page. ^_^


  1. again...mkn ngan mushroom soup mst best =(

  2. hmm...kita divert skit kat sini. i think better with curry...yum yum!

  3. buat untuk jualan ker? cantik nyer. mesti sesedap gambar yg cntik nie. baunya pun harum semacam jer kan? hihihi

  4. ^__^ kembang skjp kene puji.hehehe blm terjual kat maner-mane lg ni bro. sdp mmg sdp, nk tau harum mcm maner...mntk la pn.wife buatkn. blh main uli2 tpung ngn muaz, mcm main play doh!

  5. Buat sendiri? Nanti cuba pulak buat macaron. Tengah top sekarang..

  6. bro pon minat macaron gak ker? ada dh try buat a few months back...tp tak berapa nk jd sgt. maybe next time try lg :)


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