Feb 23, 2011

Venting Off

I had it carefully planned since last night. I thought I had already prepared for everything. Ahah! So much for a wish. I've been calculating in my head that things will be done in about half hour tops. But, it never goes that way. 

First, when I was in a hurry, the elevator has got be out of service! Dammit... What choice did I have but taking the stairs to the parking area from the fourth floor?! Fine...it's walking down. So no big deal... Got in car, in about 5 minutes stopped at the JPJ office to renew my licence. I checked my wallet again, to make sure everything needed was there. And guess what? Where the heck was my picture???! 

Urgh...can you believe that I forgot to bring along that tiny little piece of glossy paper?! What a dimwit I was. A good thing though that my place only a few blocks away, but still a WASTE of time. And I got ALL MYSELF to blame... Great! Now I had to climb up all the way to the fourth floor and back down again ASAP. Nice huh? No need to exercise today. Duh...

When I finally got to the JPJ, it took another 20 minutes waiting for my turn. Way to go to myself! Keep this up, I'll be wasting more money on petrol! Grrr...

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