Apr 23, 2011

Of Pizza "Pie"

When you're so damn hungry, it helps if your fridge is always stuffed with frozen or make-ahead food. Like this very appetizing dish that looks like forever to make can be done within an hour. You can use anything you've got in the fridge to make it. Trust me, it was as easy as a pie!

Can you guess already what's in the picture? Just in case you have no idea, it was a pizza pie. I know... It sounds a little straight forward. But as long as you get the message across, whose caring right? And nobody would argue with you if its relevant or not, because one bite is enough to clamp their mouth shut! ;)

Back to the topic, what I did was... I used the leftover of my favorite bread dough, divided it into two parts. Then rolled it thin to fit my pie dish *9 inch in diameter*. Butter inside of the pie dish, put one part of the rolled dough. Smear with a little olive oil, then set about as you're making a pizza. Start with the base sauce, topped with you favorite filling and covered with cheese *or cheeses?* as you like. Lastly, put the other rolled circle on top. Using a very sharp knife, make a few slices on it. Wash a bit more sauce on top for good measure! 

Now, go on put that pizza pie in a preheated oven of 200 C, for 20 minutes. If the top brown too fast, just put aluminum foil on top of the pie. While you are pacing the floor, remember to let the pizza pie cool off a bit before you cut into it. I don't want you blame me for you burning tongue!  :-p 

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