Apr 7, 2011

A Moment Before...

It's going to rain soon. The sky has getting so dark now. At times like this, I wish I had pisang goreng  besides my coffee now. It'll go so perfectly with the weather... Well, I just keep thinking about it and maybe it'll materialize eventually. Heheh

Okay... Who am I kidding? This is totally a crappy post that means I'm just pressing the key pads without so much thought into it. More like I'm practicing my typing skill, which hasn't improve much by the way. You know, I could dream of being a writer or journalist. It would be fun don't you think? A writer, use more imaginations in creating the fantasy world. Well, maybe I'm more into fiction-writer kind of thing. But journalist also has it own perks right? Travelling everywhere...using real experience to convey the truth. Supposed to be like that I think. 

That's what I like about the time just before the rain. Everything seems dark, and cold...Perfect time to dream away like this! Mind you though, this situation does not applies to the time before being hit by thunderstorm. With lightning and everything, I don't think anyone could be dreaming... =_=' 

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