Apr 5, 2011

Thank You Honey Bear!

Good morning... ^_^

Let's go straight to breakfast shall we? We had fresh breakfast rolls today. Why am I being so ecstatic over some breads you ask? For one, they are all so damn cute! Add to that, they are soft, chewy and very, very tasty. Just what a good rolls should be.

Oh yeah, did I mentioned there's honey in it? No? Well, the slight sweetness of the rolls came from honey. The sweet smelling honey filled our home in the early morning as it bakes in the oven. I tell you, that's something you should experience hands-on as it can never be explained in words...

I made 12 rolls baked in muffin pan hence the cute muffin like shape! And the rest of it goes into the loaf pan...12 rolls and a loaf of bread. This will cater us till tomorrow! Now hit the recipe here. ;)


  1. lame dah x mkn roti....nakkkk

  2. sabar...you've got like 10 more days overthere right? nant balik mkn la puas2..


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