Apr 25, 2011

Cookie Comforts

One thing that always get to me at any time of the day is chocolate. I believe I've said this at least hundredth times already, but I need to say it again. I-Love-Chocolate. Period. And just the thought of it could make my mouth water... 

I love chocolate as it is. I love it more in cookies. Hot or cold are just an option. Either way has it's own perks. Enough said, I was tempted to bake some chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night to appease the craving. Crazy. I know. Nonetheless, I have a grumbling stomach to fed. ASAP. 

A jar of cookies! That quickly disappeared on the next day...
So I took some frozen cookies from the fridge, set them on baking tray then popped them in the oven. 15 minutes later, I was licking some cookie crumbs off my finger. *Not to mention a very full tummy and sleepy smile on my face*  Just remember, don't do this often. It's not healthy. *wink. Do I care? Mmm, not really!*


  1. I love chocholate too. I mean anything about chocolate hehe

  2. We chocoholic are so blessed with the abundance of cocoa!!! ^_^
    It's a wonder there's still people who doesn't like chocolate. *wink*


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