Jun 24, 2011

C Is For Celebration!

So what's the occasion???

As if you didn't already know... ^_^ 

We ARE celebrating Malaysia Team a.k.a Harimau Malaya going into the third round! 
Heck yeah!!! We won by aggregate 2-1 against Lebanon last night... *smiling so hard my face hurt!*

The game between Malaysian and Lebanon which held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil last night was great. In fact, for the first half of the game Malaysia managed to score two goals. The first one was by Mohd Irfan Fazail during the 8th minute of the game. While Malaysia's second goal came at minutes 41 by Wan Zack Haikal. 

And as expected, Lebanon pushed their way through Harimau Malaya's defenses and managed to score a goal during 63 minutes of the second half by Chadi Atie. It was quite a goal actually, and I was afraid for awhile there hoping that our team defenses will strengthen as anymore mistake could lead to another goal. And IF Lebanon managed equalizing the goal, that's the END for Malaysia. By rules, Lebanon had the advantage to move forward if the game was tied. Fortunately for us, that didn't happen... *wiping sweat*

My sister urged me to make confetti cupcakes yesterday. It was practically easy enough to do since you just make any of your favorite white or yellow cake batter. And lastly before you scoop the batter into the prepared paper cups, add a tablespoon or two of colorful confetti sprinkles/jimmies into the batter. Stir to mix. Then bake as the recipe requires. Pretty straight forward really. The look of the cupcake itself invites partying! ;) 

Frost if you desired. But this cupcakes we made were beautiful enough and we like to leave it as it is... I use our go to recipe for moist and soft vanilla cupcakes. You can find it here


  1. huhuhu, nak berkongsi kegembiraan gak sebab saya antara salah seorang peminat yang turun ke stadium untuk memberi sokongan kepada skuad olimpik malaysia

  2. wah, syabas bro!!! one of the fans yg bg sokongan padu kat team negara ;) mmmg tabik spring kat semua yg dtg stadium support our players...

  3. xdpt tgk match ni sebab ade kursus..

  4. tak per bro, next week ader friendly match ngan taiwan plak. klau rajin, blh turun tgk kat bukit jalil. ;)


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