Jun 11, 2011

Action-Packed Game

Gotta say that tonight's game (FA Cup 2011 final) between Kelantan and Terengganu is pretty interesting. Since I am Selangor Team's fan, I won't be taking sides. There are lots of tackling going around. One of Terengganu's player already been given a yellow card. And it's only half hour of the game! I bet there's more to come for the rest of the game...

At the earliest minute of the second half, another yellow card was given to Terengganu's. And as if actions in the field is not enough, someone irresponsibly throwing a firecracker into the field near Terengganu's side of goal barely miss a player. This type of people that gives football fans a bad name is the black sheep making football scene ugly...

That is one thing I couldn't understand. Why oh why can't this people watches the game like civilized people would? The act was very immature and disrespectful; to the game, to other fans and of course to the players! I hope that stupidly irresponsible person will be caught. 

While I was venting my anger, I missed seeing the first goal in the game. One point for Kelantan now. *You should hear how my dad shout with joy then... ^_^* For the most epic moment ever, Terengganu managed to get a free point when one of Kelantan players accidentally head butting the ball into the goal, while trying to save the ball from going inside. That was only seconds before the game ends! 

It was evident during the 30 minutes additional time, players from both teams were exhausted. They're trying hard to score a winning goal but at the same time getting more careless... The second goal by Terengganu ten minutes before full time was a shocked to everyone and even the goalie was looking helplessly at the ball dashing through the open goal beyond his reach. 

The final score was 1-2 with Terangganu being the winning team. 

A little trivia about the FA Cup 2011 final game:
  1. Winning team gets to keep the trophy as a new trophy will be introduce for upcoming season
  2.  Both goalkeepers also players of  Malaysia national football team, Harimau Malaya

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