Jun 11, 2011

All About The Firsts

Movie night!

Life as We Know It [Blu-ray]My choice of movies usually are romantic comedies. We can always predict the ending by the title alone. Well... mostly. The story won't be too complicated to understand. And you could guessed from the start whose gonna end up with whom at the end *if there're many characters*. 

And I've watched one last night. It was long overdue anyway. Both my sisters have watched it months ago. I was the only one left behind. I was thinking that it has becoming a habit of me to shove new movies beneath the hundred others *rolled eyes* that haven't yet been watch. 

Sort of to ferment it a bit. So when I'm in the mood to watch the movie, it'll be better. *What kind of analogy is THIS???!* 

Okay, that movie was Life As We Know It. With Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as the main characters, added an extra fun. Playing as Holly and Messer respectively, both were absolutely wonderful. They have a strong chemistry in the film which also helps to get the right emotion across to the audience. 

In a nutshell, the movie was about two people that are forced to live together in order to care for their god-daughter,Sophie, whose parents died in an accident. Sophie's parents were Holly and Messer's best friends. They've chosen Holly and Messer together as Sophie's guardians should anything happens to them both. 

At first, Holly and Messer couldn't find their common ground. After weeks trying not to kill each other, they at last learn to compromise and share responsibilities as a parent and experience all Sophie's firsts togeteher. *The way they're passing Sophie between them while making breakfast was so cute!* 

I think this was a good movie for parents-to-be as you can learn a thing or two on how's life gonna be when the baby's born. To sum it up, the movie was funny without going overboard. The conflict's believable and everything ends as it should be... 


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