Jun 1, 2011

Pasta: In Korean

PASTA KOREAN DRAMA 8 DVDs w/English Subtitles
Another late night post...

No need to wonder why I was still up at this hour. I don't want to know myself. As I typed away these words, I was listening to an entire OST of my favorite Korean drama. 

Short and straight forward. 
*You could probably guess why I watched the drama. Yes, it's full of P-A-S-T-A!*  But that's not all... The drama was full of color and roller coaster of emotions. I cried and laughed a lot watching the drama. The chemistry between the main characters was so strong you can practically feel the air sizzle with electricity.

What I love most was, the characters are believable. Though I did not remember their names, I like the actress who played the wannabe-chef. I recognized her in some other dramas. She looks plain compared to other Korean actresses, but her character in Pasta will grows on you. 

And of course, I especially love the sharp-tongue chef! Played by another talented actor *naturally I didn't remember his name* whom also shone in his character as a musician in yet another explosive Korean drama, Coffee Prince. The way they acted as kitchen staffs like they've work as one their whole life truly impressed me. Makes me want to work with them *without the hard work please... ^_^*

Back to the songs, I totally have no idea of what they sang, but that's no big deal. I just imagined pasta, and completely lose myself with the rest of the songs... Just so you know, I think my tummy just grumbled at the thought of pasta. Any kind will do! 

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