May 27, 2011

You Took My Breath Away

Good morning...

Been raining a lot just now. And the neighbor's cat can't stop screeching at each other. Bet they are practicing their vocal chord or something. But that's not the point here.

Actually, this post is going to be truly personal. I say this upfront so you wouldn't be rolling your eyes up or vomiting all over your computer screen. So please...Take heed of the warning 'cause I'm sure not going to be responsible for any reactions you might have later. 

You've been warned. Read more if you dare...

I know this is crazy. He's only sixteen but I am so falling head-over-heels in love with him! Feels good getting that off my chest now. I am well aware how cheesy this sounds to you, but I don't care.

The first time I heard his voice, I knew I'm gonna fall hard for him. Hardly believe such voices own by a mere sixteen boy! Oh yeah, I'm one of the ladies who melts to a deep-baritone voice. Speaking of which, I also fell in love with Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Tim McGraw and Josh Turner. But that's different. They're all above age. It's understandable...

But this boy,*scratch that. Make it young man. Okay, better*. This young man, IS unbelievable. He sangs with his heart on his sleeve. Tell me, who doesn't fall for that? *On second thought, don't tell me* So, here I am. Confessing my love to someone way younger than me. *Way younger than my little brother actually!* Hahaha...what a joke you might say. But who cares... ^_^

I might still have a crush on Josh Turner, but he's taken. No harm was done there. But Scotty McCreery, you have my heart at Amazed...*sigh*


  1. of course...
    but give you rocky raspy voice a.k.a jon bon jovi.
    see who's melting then... :D hehehe

  2. that one cant resist lorrr...hehe


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