May 16, 2011

To All Teachers With Love

First of all, I want to wish all teachers in Malaysia *and my dad too though he's already retired* : Happy Teacher's Day!!! 

Here in Malaysia, we're celebrating the Teacher's Day on May 16th annually. Though sometimes we'll celebrating it early if the date falls on Saturday or Sunday. What I love most about Teacher's Day was that we wouldn't have lessons for an entire day! 

All students will gather in the school hall to watch our friends performing on stage as part of the day's program. There would be poetry recital, choir, drama and singing. The teachers will loosen up a bit on this day and if we were lucky, we could have them singing on stage too! Yeap, we surely love seeing our teachers loosen up for awhile...

By the end of the day, we'll always have a present for our teachers. It wasn't compulsory to give them presents, but it was one way we students show our appreciation towards the teachers. I was always looking forward to this presents giving. The teachers would usually went teary on all of us. The gifts were not always expensive, but the teachers will always feel that they're appreciated. That's what I remembered most. *The perks of having your parents as teachers was that they'll came home with hands loaded with gifts too! Hahaha...I knew they weren't expecting it, but each small gift were shown to us with a pride in their eyes...*

Here, I want to say thank you to all my teachers since I started my kindergarten education all through my tertiary level. Thank you for the knowledge. Thank you for the experiences and of course, thank you for the love. I may not be what I wanted to be back then, but I am not morally corrupted thanks to your teachings. I also value the knowledge I've gained and I respect others. I believe, that is more important. 

Thank you, Teachers.

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