May 9, 2011

Midnight Craving

Wanting to eat donuts in the middle of the day is perfectly fine. You could just grab them from a bakery if you wanted ASAP. Or make them yourselves if you're so incline. 

But craving the sweet yeast ring in the middle of the night is so not helping to reduce your sugar level *Um, sorry. I mean... me* I thought I've got the crave covered just a few days ago. 

Yeah... I made the donuts for my baby brother. He loves donuts. And I usually ate one or two pieces only. Not  this time though. Having this feeling makes me want to sing one particular song by The Smiths. Oh please, please, please...Let me get what I WANT...

Close your eyes and imagine this...

Soft, chewy, sweet yeasted dough covered with icing sugar...Or melted chocolate...Plus more chocolate sprinkles on top...Or crushed nuts with melted chocolate...Drool-worthy stuffs begging you to keep another extra piece just in case.

Urgh... And there goes my tummy singing for them already!

Where in the world can I get one now?! 

By the way, this song is also a soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer, my favorite bittersweet movie. You'll gonna love the movie as well as the songs in it. They complemented each other. Truly...


  1. Me too!! I crave creme brulee just before I sleep...

  2. Creme brulee...yummm... I love it too! No chewing required! ;)


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