Jul 31, 2012

First in the Blessed Month

Salam and good morning! ^_^ 

We've made it to the second week of Ramadan. Praise to Allah for this blessed month, hopefully we are able to make the most out of it. 

Though it's still too early to be thinking about food, it doesn't hurt to get some ideas. Bread pudding can come either sweet or savory. I've done the savory one not too long ago. And here I'll be presenting the sweet one. It was no hassle to prepare, pretty quick to cook and the most time it took was during the soaking part. Be sure to start at least four hours in advance before the serving time.

Jul 2, 2012

Just Another Football Story

Hello there! 

I kinda knew that Spain will win against Italy. But not that big of a winning! Maybe 2-1 or something... With at least a goal from Italy. From the start, it was obvious that Spain being the aggressor. No doubt with the first goal at the fourteenth minute fired up the Spaniards confidence to win the game. 

And then another goal at 41 minutes. Too bad for Italy, I started to think. And since my dad picked the Italian team, he was a bit disappointed at how the game turns out to be. Oh well, I did said that Spain  will win and it's hard to contain the glee seeing that I was right. The Spaniards sure have a blast last night celebrating their winning... ^__^   

I guess it's only fair to have an indulgent need to celebrate myself though what I have here has nothing to do with Spain at all. Dig in folks!

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