Mar 28, 2010

out and play

last week has been a blast for me. my besties were in town and said they'd coming over to visit. i was ecstatic! it was still morning and i was too lazy to do the cooking. so we head out to the nearest fast food outlet, take away the food and off we went... (actually, it was just across the lake). 

anyway, we had lots of fun playing in the sun. i did bring along a few slice of cake i made the day before. but it was ruined in the sad..=(

it was vanilla yogurt cake with strawberry buttercream. i like the flavor, not too sweet with subtle taste of strawberry. it's moist and not too crumbly. but i still think i can improve the taste and texture a little bit more. maybe next time... ^_^

Mar 16, 2010

many faces

my everyday life is like a routine where everything goes the same day by day. therefore, i found joy in photographing Shin-kun's antics. it's like capturing every moment of a newborn baby for a new mom...that's how i feel. 

unfortunately, he doesn't like to be photograph. he's a bit camera shy i tell you... but still, i managed to get him on pictures. so here's some of them.

as you can see, i can get a decent picture while his sleeping. then he wakes up, a bit disoriented. he saw something flying...realized that i took picture of him, he schooled an annoyed look at me. =P hahaha... 
ignoring me completely, he let out a big yawn! enough la've slept for hours already...  

Mar 10, 2010

little cakes

last week was my baby brother and mine birthdays. so i decided to bake some cupcakes. he loves chocolate and thats what i'm going to make. the cakes was easy to make and the taste was AMAZING! but i had a little problem with the frosting... it looks perfect after whipping but getting too soft minutes later... 
:-( still taste good though..

anyway, we still enjoy them and it taste even greater when its cold! (i like mine cold from the fridge! =P) he brought some to class on Monday and the classmates love it! success...^_^

Mar 5, 2010

looking back

i was browsing through my whole bunch of old pictures and discovered something. i love to randomly taking pictures and then touch it  up a bit. 

and these are some of them that i think worth showing. i took the photos while i was in Penang a few years ago.

the komtar tower. i love the blue sky background. i remembered that day was a beautiful one. perfect for picture taking though it was so hot at noon! 

i was actually want to capture the perspective of the road but suddenly this grandpa stopped in front of my view. i thought what the heck??! but then again...he still makes a nice subject for this picture. huhu..

hmm...i don't exactly remember the name of this place. we can see the Penang skyline from here too. and tell you what, it was very...very...windy. 

Mar 4, 2010

prince syndrome...i guess!

i have a pet named shin-kun. he is soo handsome you can see it for yourself.
but the problem is, he thinks that he is the PRINCE OF THE HOUSE 
that permits him to do anything he wants!

he loves to scratch on the wooden screen at the kitchen, 
he loves to scratch at every sofa in the house and he absolutely LOVES
to scratch on MY SKETCH BOOK! how princely is that??! 
anyhow, we still love him tremendously... 

Mar 3, 2010

new world...

okies...this is my first blog post!! i'm kinda nervous...kinda excited...*yay!*
and...well...i'm kinda blank too, let see how this goes...^_^

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