Mar 10, 2010

little cakes

last week was my baby brother and mine birthdays. so i decided to bake some cupcakes. he loves chocolate and thats what i'm going to make. the cakes was easy to make and the taste was AMAZING! but i had a little problem with the frosting... it looks perfect after whipping but getting too soft minutes later... 
:-( still taste good though..

anyway, we still enjoy them and it taste even greater when its cold! (i like mine cold from the fridge! =P) he brought some to class on Monday and the classmates love it! success...^_^


  1. whipped cream is it? damn hard to maintain the stifness rite? tp.. sedap punye psl.. hentam saje lah. hahaha

  2. yeap...mmg sedap gler.. ^_^ i'll be tweaking it next time for better result.


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