Mar 5, 2010

looking back

i was browsing through my whole bunch of old pictures and discovered something. i love to randomly taking pictures and then touch it  up a bit. 

and these are some of them that i think worth showing. i took the photos while i was in Penang a few years ago.

the komtar tower. i love the blue sky background. i remembered that day was a beautiful one. perfect for picture taking though it was so hot at noon! 

i was actually want to capture the perspective of the road but suddenly this grandpa stopped in front of my view. i thought what the heck??! but then again...he still makes a nice subject for this picture. huhu..

hmm...i don't exactly remember the name of this place. we can see the Penang skyline from here too. and tell you what, it was very...very...windy. 

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