Mar 16, 2010

many faces

my everyday life is like a routine where everything goes the same day by day. therefore, i found joy in photographing Shin-kun's antics. it's like capturing every moment of a newborn baby for a new mom...that's how i feel. 

unfortunately, he doesn't like to be photograph. he's a bit camera shy i tell you... but still, i managed to get him on pictures. so here's some of them.

as you can see, i can get a decent picture while his sleeping. then he wakes up, a bit disoriented. he saw something flying...realized that i took picture of him, he schooled an annoyed look at me. =P hahaha... 
ignoring me completely, he let out a big yawn! enough la've slept for hours already...  


  1. he's not a BABY okay!!!!a dinasour....hahahahaha..T-REX

  2. hehehe...biar ker...t-rex ker..he's still the apple of my eye..=P


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